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Notes~The third series of the Rhodesiana Reprint Library - also entitled the "The Bulawayo Collection " - comprises 3 volumes, which are facsimile re-productions of rare and out-of-print works on the pioneering and growth of Rhodesia. The books may be regarded as pieces in a jig-saw puzzle: each deals with a specific subject - exploration, transport, war, politics, archaeology, hunting and so forth - and, when the pieces are fitted together, they form a comprehensive and fascinating picture of Rhodesia's (now Zimbabwe) past. Of uniform size, each reprint in the standard edition is case-bound (hard backed) and presented in a specially designed, colorful dust jacket bearing the family identity of the Series. Many of the volumes contain illustrative and textual material additional to the original.

The Old Transport Road - SP Hyatt~A PUNGENT, perceptive and highly entertaining account of trek-oxen, wagons and the ways of the transport rider before the railways began to open up Central Africa. Stanley Portal Hyatt came to Africa to seek his fortune during the 1890s, drove supply wagons through the virgin veld for some ten years of unremitting toil and was rewarded, eventually, with little more than fond memories, financial ruin and ill-health. Hyatt writes fluently and knowledgeably about life on "The Road", about the unspoilt and sometimes savagely inhospitable countryside of early Rhodesia, about the skills and courage needed to get the wagons through. He writes lovingly of his fellow-riders, and of his animals. For contemporary society, and for commercially inspired "progress", however, he has nothing but bitter contempt. The Old Transport Road is an informative and absorbing book. It is also a tribute to those who braved the trackless wilderness by ox-wagon - men who can legitimately be compared to the 19th century pioneers of modern America. It is complementary to George Pauling's The Chronicles of a Contractor, which deals with another aspect of transport development in Rhodesia - the coming of the railways.
ISBN 0 86920 273 1, Africana Book Society, 1994, H/B~~The Old Transport Road|C ISBN 0869202731|~12023~12026~The Old Transport Road - SP Hyatt~
The Passing of the Black Kings - HM Hole~ISBN 0 86920 167 0, Africana Book Society, 1995, H/B~~The Passing of the Black Kings|C ISBN 0869201670|~12023~12027~The Passing of the Black Kings - HM Hole~
The Chronicles of a Contractor - G Pauling~(Facsimile, 1969 - reprinted for "Bulawayo Series" - dustjack differs to the first reprint for the Gold Series).
AN OUTSTANDING autobiography by a colourful and dynamic late-Victorian engineer who won international repute for his accomplishments, not least of which was the building of many of southern Africa's major railway links. Big George Pauling came to South Africa from Britain at the age of 20, founded Pauling & Co. in 1877 with his brother, and completed his first construction job in 1881 - the 65-mile Port Alfred Railway. Thereafter, contracts came thick and fast: Sterkstroom to Aliwal North, Orange River to Kimberley, Springs to Krugersdorp, Johannesburg to Pretoria and, the most herculean project of all, the first stage of the line between Beira, on the Mocambique coast, to Umtali in the highlands of eastern Rhodesia. On this undertaking he lost 60 per cent of his labour force in each of the first three years through malaria, blackwater fever and the depredations of marauding animals. Meanwhile the company had broadened its scope of activity to include railway construction in the Middle East, public works, dam, harbour and bridge building in Greece, Angola, China, the Argentine and India. Cecil Rhodes commissioned Pauling to complete the first stage of his ambitious Cape-to-Cairo line. Only 800 copies of the original The Chronicles of a Contractor are believed to have been published, for private circulation, in 1926.
ISBN 0 86920 276 6, Africana Book Society, 1996, H/B~~The Chronicles of a Contractor|C ISBN 0869202766|~12023~12028~The Chronicles of a Contractor - G Pauling~
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